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Research & Planning
Planning is the most vital phase to ensure a marketing project’s success. We work side by side with you to strategically define customized creative goals, the right audience and key performance indicators.
Design & Development
Acting on a tailored creative experience, we work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life. Whether we are telling your organizations story through design, social, storytelling, or video — we ensure all channels effectively communicate your goals, vision and brand voice.
Iterate & Deploy
Our team of experts work efficiently to deliver on marketing plans set forth. We uncover successful patterns and optimize campaigns to evolve your creative strategy. This tested approach should surely expand and retain your client/customer relationships.

Your Vision. Our Ingenuity. Unified Expression

Our Process

Easy. Expert. Affordable Marketing.

At Duration Marketing, we manifest creative dreams into reality.

Keeping every detail in mind, our combined experience with marketing, design and business strategy, dictate a wide range of projects, involving groups with diverse and often complex needs.


Why us?

We work with passion and urgency
to get projects executed right – the first time.
Google Certified

As Google certified, Marketing and Design Gurus, we use our combined industry expertise to understand your marketing needs, goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning
We offer customized initiatives and align key performance indicators, allowing you to effectively get your project of the ground.
Assertive Action

Acting on a tailored marketing experience, we deliver on the marketing plan, designed to expand and retain your client/customer relationships.

Polished Repetition
Analyzing data received from your creative campaign, we repeat the process, making any necessary iterations to create an even more compelling brand narrative.
  • Client Experience
    Customer interaction is more important than ever

    Customer Reviews
    Customer Incentives & Promotions
    Client Events

  • Market Precision
    Optimize marketing tactics for your product or service.

    Advertising :: Content Strategy
    Sponsorship :: Event Planning
    Client Segmentation :: Social Selling
    Lead Generation :: Email Marketing
    Community Relations :: SEM/SEO

  • Technical Tactics.
    Distinct and noticeable style, that looks good everywhere.

    Website Creation & Hosting
    Mobile Optimization
    Video Storytelling

  • Brand Focus
    Forward-looking approach, to positively influence brand.

    Brand Identity
    Online Reputation
    Social Media

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About Us

We believe in small business growth and provide affordable marketing to business owners, paying only for the services in the intervals they need – when they need it.
Building upon 20 years of industry expertise, we are known for developing engaging creative using innovative, traditional and digital marketing channels.
We are passionate about quality and offer a full range of award-winning services.

Our Goals

The mission of Duration Marketing is to take the stress out of marketing, so our clients can focus on the business. Through customized marketing solutions, we deliver on marketing needs with the client experience in mind, as they are the true essence of the business.

Contact Info

To learn more about Duration Marketing’s services, please call us at (608) 352-8362 weekdays from 8am to 5pm CST.

Pay only for the services YOU need
when YOU need THEM.

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